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It’s an undeniable truth that one of most
critical systems of any large gas compressor engine is the lube
system.  The lack of proper lubrication on a compressor
throw can cause cylinder damage which can lead to gas leakage
and cause a fire or even catastrophic explosion.

Lincoln Lubrication products can help you prevent such costly and
potentially deadly situations. Below is just a small sample of
the Lincoln Lubrication products that we carry.





Lincoln Data Logger


The Lincoln Data Logger constantly monitors divider valve cycle time. It monitors for under and over lubrication and stores a total lube delivered in a 24 hour period. It stores and records total run time, logging once per day (or if an occurrence is out of range.) The Lincoln Data Logger comes equipped with two independent fault relays, system service required or shutdown, and an industry standard 4 1/2″ gauge.

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