BG Spark Plug Reconditioning Service

Fast, Dependable Service, Every time.

  1. BG reconditions your industrial precious metal electrode spark plugs using a 20+ step process that includes chemical cleaning, honing, gapping, repainting, new cylinder gasket, and complete testing.
  2. On the average, about 10% of the plugs returned are unsuitable for further use due to excessive electrode wear. These, if they are BG plugs, which “fall out” during inspection can be replaced with new plugs.
  3. Your cost of reconditioning is just a few dollars per plug (see price publication).
  4. Since about 90% of the plugs returned can be reconditioned, users find that their “average plug” cost is reduced substantially.
  5. Return plugs to your supplier or direct to factory (prepaid).
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Installation Tips* For best results, install Spark Plugs to the engine
manufacturer’s recommended torque. Typical torque values are: Thread Size Torque*

7/8″ -18 70-80 ft. lbs.

18mm 38 ft. lbs.

14mm 25 ft. lbs.

*Reduce torque values by 20% when using anti-seize compound.

* Use BG Mica Lubricant (BG Part No. A718) on the plug threads
to prevent thread seizure.

* Use BG Hole Conditioning Tool Part No. 21045 to clean cylinder
threads and gasket seat in one operation.

* Avoid touching plug insulator during installation. Hold plug
by metal shell part only.

* Use a good quality spark plug boot to maximize plug life.

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